I will not be home to receive my order on on Tuesday for the designated delivery time frame. How can I be sure my order will stay fresh?

Kindly leave a cooler with ice on your front step we will place the order inside and send you a message that the order has been dropped off.

How much is the delivery fee?

There is an 8.00 delivery fee for all delivery orders. Pick up orders are free!

Which area codes do you deliver to in the Vero Beach area?

We currently only offer delivery for 32958, 32960, 32963, 32966, 32967 and 32968 area codes only. We will soon be expanding as we add pickup locations.

Should I wash my produce?

Most produce is farm washed. It is still a good idea to give your produce the once over and a quick rinse as much of the produce is grown in an open air environment.

How will I know that my order will remain fresh?

Keeping your produce fresh is our highest priority. All farms harvest each order and deliver it fresh to our mobile walk in cooler (set to 38 degrees F) on Tuesday. We place each order in a cooler with ice where it then arrives to our pick up locations or your home cooler. If we don't see a cooler on the front step and cannot verify that someone is home to receive the order we will bring your order back to the cold storage unit where we can coordinate pickup at a later time.

Where are pick up locations and what is the time window I should be there to pickup my order?

At checkout select 1) Walking Tree Brewery - Tuesday 5-7 pm 2) Moorings Club - Members Only

Is the produce and meat organic?

All of the local growers use organic practices to grow their veggies. This means that on a smaller scale then most "organic" producers they can closely manage a crop and grow a crop that has a higher nutrient density and will require less organic pesticides then store bought produce. All of the meats offered are free of any antibiotics and forage freely in pasture.