Schacht Groves
$18.90/1 each
1/4 Bushel Navel Oranges
Papa Bees Honey and Bees Wax
$27.00/2 lb
2lb Wild Flower
Awaken Kombucha
$13.50/4 each
4-pack of Gut Shot 2oz
Michael's on 7th
$13.50/1 Pint
Daily Soup (pint)
Wang and Dickerson Tea
$12.50/1 each
Holy Basil VitaliTEA (Tulsi Oolong)
Rio Coco Beans Coffee
$12.50/12 oz
It's Morning Signature Blend
$67.50/5 lb
Large Whole Florida Pompano
Garden of Esther
$13.50/12 oz
Pappardelle - Egg Based
Pueo Farms
$6.75/6 oz
Pueo Farms Salad Blend