Nicaragua Altisimo Light

$20.79/12 oz

Cupping Notes: Sweet Orange with a hint of Milk Chocolate. “Altisimo” means “the highest”. In the mountains in Northern Nicaragua between Matagalpa and Jinotega lies a high ridge that tops out at 5300-5500 feet. Coffee from this area is known as “Angelina” coffee, perhaps because this is the altitude where the angels dwell. We have been there often during the summer where it is long sleeve weather at night. Harvest time in the Angelina is between Christmas and Easter, due to the high altitude. We have been fortunate to be there with our friends during the harvest, and participate in the very labor intensive process of picking, de-pulping, washing, sun drying, and sorting coffee beans. Once you have this experience, you appreciate all the work that goes into the production of a cup of deeply flavored, complex coffee. We dump our Nica Altisimo in the beginning of the second crack, for a clear, bright flavor profile. Pictured on the label are four of the grandchildren of Truman & Mirna, and two of the daughters of Laura & Michael, enjoying fresh coconut at Truman's home in Waspam. These are "altisimo" moments!

Rio Coco Beans Coffee

Our coffee beans are slow roasted to perfection right here in Vero Beach. In addition to providing our community with the best quality coffee, our profits are used to fund a school project in Nicaragua that began over 30 years ago. We are "100% humanic which means bettering the lives of human beings around the world".