Colombia Honey Process Signature Roast (limited)

$19.24/12 oz

There is a new way to process coffee cherries that is very flavorful! Normally when after you pick a coffee cherry, for the "Wash' of Wet" process, you removed the pulp of the sweet fruit, and then let the beans soak for 36 hours in water, which removes the mucus film. After the beans are "washed" they are spread out on a patio for drying. In the "Honey Process", the pulp is remove from the fruit and then the beans are placed on racks and sun dried, leaving on the mucus film, which contains a high concentration of sugar. When these beans are dry, then they are washed in water and dried again. This process produces a very noticeable sweetness to the roasted bean. This coffee comes from a group of indigenous farmers who cultivate their coffee in the mountains of southern Colombia, literally at the end of the road, near the Ecuadorian border. We roast these beans slowly to a medium level, which is optimal for the flavors inside these beans.

Rio Coco Beans Coffee

Our coffee beans are slow roasted to perfection right here in Vero Beach. In addition to providing our community with the best quality coffee, our profits are used to fund a school project in Nicaragua that began over 30 years ago. We are "100% humanic which means bettering the lives of human beings around the world".