Chef Lippe's Salchichon de Vic Salami

$21.60/1 each

Chef Lippe’s Salchichón de Vic salami, California USA 6 months. $16.00 8oz piece. Salchichón de Vic is a sausage produced in 28 towns, all of them located in the Vic Valley in the Spanish district of Osona. LA ESPAÑOLA factory in California, has been making cured meats true to their European heritage since 1982. Salchichon de Vic is a popular salami enjoyed all over Cataluyna, Spain. Minced and coarse pieces of Landrace white breed pork meat and bacon, are skillfully mixed in the right proportions along coarse sea salt and freshly cracked peppercorns, then cured for at least four months. Thinly sliced, along with some olives, bread and mustard is how Spaniards enjoy this morsel, along with their favorite wine or beer at the end of the day.

Chef Lippe

Chef Lippe is a cheese affineur, a charcutier, former restaurateur pastaiolo. He has been aging cheese to perfection and purveying to clients since 2010. Chef Lippe chose Vero Beach as his home in 2016 seeking a less frenetic pace than South Florida. He crafts handmade fresh mozzarella with milk from Florida farms, cheese spreads, antipasto and his partner Rain hand stuffs large Spanish Queen olives with Italian blue cheese.