Chef Lippe's Black Hoof (Pata Negra) Iberico Ham aged 48 months. Hand cut.

$40.50/1 each

Hand Cut 2.5oz If you thought lineage was important, this is going to blow you away! Iberico hogs are so closely monitored, that any deviation from the strict regulations Spain has in place for this breed is nothing short of amazing. The herd has to be black hoof Iberico breed, it must be fed a strict diet regulated by the consortium following draconian laws, and the best, it must have had fed a minimum of 25% of acorns, hazelnuts and chestnuts throughout its growth. During the last year of its life, the herd is let out free to roam in pristine forests populated by oak trees, and feed on acorns and forest food alone, every hog for itself if you please. Once everything is said and done, the harvested guys undergo an equally severe inspection, and then the legs are salt cured, and then hung to dry in special cellars open to the wind. Our Pata Negra Jamon is cured for 48 months, Yep! Four years before our Master Jamonero Raul Martin personally hand slices it onto your plate. It is, no matter how you see it, a time consuming process, and like aging a great wine, the cost increases as time goes by, and so does the price of the final product. Although the price of Pata Negra Jamon can reach thousands of Dollars a unit, Chef Lippe makes it available at affordable family table prices. Enjoy your Pata Negra with wine, fruit or spirits.

Chef Lippe

Chef Lippe is a cheese affineur, a charcutier, former restaurateur pastaiolo. He has been aging cheese to perfection and purveying to clients since 2010. Chef Lippe chose Vero Beach as his home in 2016 seeking a less frenetic pace than South Florida. He crafts handmade fresh mozzarella with milk from Florida farms, cheese spreads, antipasto and his partner Rain hand stuffs large Spanish Queen olives with Italian blue cheese.