Fitness Tea- Organic Oolong

$12.50/1 each

Do you know that oolong tea is also called "fat melting tea" in Asia? This is a secret weapon for keeping fit. The powerful polyphenols in oolong not only boost the immune system, they also help burn fat. Oolong has potent natural anti-inflammatory properties. It is also rich in L-Theanine, which is famous for reducing anxiety. Our full-leaf sachets deliver taste and quality that is superior to the cut tea leaves or tea dust found in most tea bags. To enjoy this tea in the true Asian tradition, steep each premium sachet multiple times and enjoy the nuanced flavors of each brew. ***8 Whole-Leaf Pyramid-Shaped Sachets ***

Wang and Dickerson Tea

Wang & Dickerson provides the world’s finest specialty tea. It was founded by Wendy Wang, a certified tea master. Each of our products is harvested from a single estate, hand-picked and crafted by true tea artisans. Wendy travels from Florida to Asia to work directly with tea growers to find the very best teas for you.