Gold Doubloons 50ct bag

$87.75/50 ct

Gold Doubloons, are our biggest oysters range from 3 to 3.5 inches Location: Indian River Lagoon in Sebastian, FL Salt Range: 21-35ppt Species: Crassostrea virginica (Eastern Oyster) Grow Out Method: Farm-raised 6" off of the sandy river bottom using rack & bags and floating oyster gear Taste Profile: The classic East Coast oyster experience. Starting with a high salinity up front give you that brinier flavor with a savory finish. These flavors are attributed to a life spent growing in the estuary waters of the Indian River Lagoon just South of the Sebastian inlet & adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean.

Treasure Coast Shellfish

Currently we are the only oyster farm in our growing area. Treasure Coast Shellfish is located just south of the Sebastian Inlet in the pristine waters of the Indian River Lagoon in Sebastian, Florida. We are proud to be a part of the next generation of sustainable aquaculture farmers on the east coast of Florida. As a child, Nicolette Mariano grew up in the small town of Stuart, Florida, just a few miles from her home was the Indian River Lagoon estuary. Over the years Nicolette and many others have observed the drastic decline of this magnificent waterway. Decades of over-harvesting wild populations found in the lagoon along with habitat loss, water quality issues, shoreline erosion, and natural disasters has not helped either. After over a decade of being in the aquaculture industry Nicolette decided not only did she want to continue to help educate and restore one of North America's most biodiverse estuary but wanted to do it in a way to incorporate sustainable local seafood as well.