Epoisses de Bourgogne 8.8oz

$33.75/8.8 oz

Époisses de Bourgogne was created by Cistercian monks in the 16th Century, a favorite of Napoleon, it almost went extinct by World War II. Revived single-handedly in 1956 by the Berthault family, today enjoys a prominent position in the cheese constellation, manufactured by many producers large and small in the legally demarcated area in the département of Côte-d'Or, about halfway between Dijon and Auxerre, in the former duchy of Burgundy, France, from agricultural processes and resources traditionally found in that region. A pungent soft-paste cows-milk cheese. Smear-ripened, "washed-rind" (washed in brine and Marc de Bourgogne, the local pomace brandy), it is circular at around either 10 cm 3.9 inches or 7.1 inches in diameter, with a distinctive soft red-orange color. It is made either from raw or pasteurized milk. It is sold in a circular wooden box, and in restaurants, is sometimes served with a spoon due to its extremely soft texture. The cheese is often paired with Trappist beer or even Sauternes rather than red wine. 8.8oz

Chef Lippe

Chef Lippe is a cheese affineur, a charcutier, former restaurateur pastaiolo. He has been aging cheese to perfection and purveying to clients since 2010. Chef Lippe chose Vero Beach as his home in 2016 seeking a less frenetic pace than South Florida. He crafts handmade fresh mozzarella with milk from Florida farms, cheese spreads, antipasto and his partner Rain hand stuffs large Spanish Queen olives with Italian blue cheese.