Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Medium Roast

$22.95/12 oz

Cupping Notes: Mocha, spice, with a hint of orange This is an exquisite coffee from one of the most famous coffee cultivation regions in Africa, and the world. Our Yirgacheffe Dark is noted for its flora, fruity, spicy characteristics. When you take these beans past the light roast and leave them in the roaster a few more minutes, the flavor profile changes. Technically, this Yirgacheffe is a "medium roast" dumped when the beans have a consistent color with no specs of oil visible on the bean. It is "darker" that the Yirgacheffe Light, hence the title. The floral, fruity, winey tones fade and new flavors appear. It is an amazing process. We have come to really enjoy this medium-dark roast Yirgacheffe bean. Photo: Every year we hold an annual teacher conference where we gather all our teachers from our eight communities along the lower Coco River. It’s a time for us to encourage, equip, and inspire each other. All (except two) of our team of teachers are our former students who now are certified primary and secondary teachers. Two of this group, Eusebio and Oswaldo have been with us since the war years of the 1980’s. What began as short term relief project in 1984 has grown to be something we never imagined. It just proves that God’s plan for you life is much bigger than you can imagine!

Rio Coco Beans Coffee

Our coffee beans are slow roasted to perfection right here in Vero Beach. In addition to providing our community with the best quality coffee, our profits are used to fund a school project in Nicaragua that began over 30 years ago. We are "100% humanic which means bettering the lives of human beings around the world".