Java Jake Signature Blend

$22.28/12 oz

Cupping Notes: Chocolate, Syrupy, Cedar, with a hint of Spice. When I moved to Maui in 1981, my life took a turn, and I found myself involved with a community of others who had experienced God in a powerful manner. Many were from similar backgrounds as me: living life to the fullest and for themselves. We were all products of the same “If it feels good, then do it” and ”Why not?” culture of the 1970’s. Many who were searching for the meaning of life had discovered that a personal relationship with the Creator was the greatest high available. I did as well. One of my new friends was Jason Spence, A.K.A. “Jake” who was born on Oahu, had migrated to California, and returned to Maui with his wife Toni and Craig & Kathy Englert to start Hope Chapel in 1980. Jake was a teacher and scholar who began to invite me to meet him at the local coffee store for discussions. I would often arrive to find Jake sitting with another friend, who would leave soon after I arrived. I began to notice that others would arrive as I was leaving. Finally it dawned on me that the coffee store was Jake’s office, and he was conducting his personal discipleship over cups of coffee.

Rio Coco Beans Coffee

Our coffee beans are slow roasted to perfection right here in Vero Beach. In addition to providing our community with the best quality coffee, our profits are used to fund a school project in Nicaragua that began over 30 years ago. We are "100% humanic which means bettering the lives of human beings around the world".