Zesty Fox Farm
$6.08/2 oz
Radish Shoots
Out of Stock
Thelma Jean's Bakery
$4.50/1 each
Caramel Pecan roll
Pepper Trail Farm
$6.75/8 bunch
Rainbow Swiss Chard
Smokey Robinsons Spice Company LLC
$20.25/1 each
Smokey's All Purpose Seasoning (large)
Papa Bees Honey and Bees Wax
$29.70/2 lb
2lb Wild Flower
Chef Lippe
$40.50/1 each
Chicken Paella - Serves two guests -
Birdie Hogan
$5.99/14 oz
Carrots with Tops
Out of Stock
Chef Lippe
$27.00/8 oz
Lippe family recipe antipasto
Trisha's Gardens
$8.44/4 oz
Raspberry Habanero Jam
Schacht Groves
$12.15/1 each
1/2 Gallon Orange Juice
Chef Lippe
$20.25/1 each
Brie de Meaux. Meaux, Brie France
Rio Coco Beans Coffee
$21.20/12 oz
Rio Espresso Signature Blend